Analysis of the Disease and Reinforcement Technology of Road Bridge Engineering Structure

Analysis of the disease and reinforcement technology of road bridge engineering structure

Analysis Of The Disease And Reinforcement Technology Of Road Bridge Engineering Structure

The road and bridge project is an important infrastructure that my country communicates and develops each other with each other. The current rapid development of the transportation industry has become the main foundation and driving force of my country’s economic growth. After research, there is still a certain degree of illness in the current roads and bridges in my country, and these diseases have prompted a quarter of road bridges in my country to become dangerous bridges, which not only hinders the development of society, but also to a certain extent. And the property security threatened. Therefore, strengthening the research on the reinforcement technology of the disease bridge is currently the primary task of my country’s road and bridge construction enterprises.

The main manifestations of diseases in roads and bridges

Road and bridges are a structural form of traffic roads. They need to have sufficient strength, stiffness and pressure resistance, and also have certain stability and continuity. At present, in my country, most of the roads and bridges are designed according to the building structure of reinforced concrete. This is because the concrete can meet the sufficient needs of the bridge technology performance. However, the road structure of reinforced concrete is also prone to some common diseases to a certain extent. Its main manifestation is:

(1) Destruction of road and bridge structure structure

Due to the unreasonable structure, the problems of the existence of construction in the construction, or the age , the structural structure aging and unstable and excessive deformation have been affected to a certain extent.

(2) The uneven settlement of the roads and bridges leads to the production of cracks

The damage caused by the unevenness of the foundation has also had a greater impact on the structure of the road and bridge, such as the sinking, sliding, cracking of the wing wall and the cone slope, and the penetration seam of Maishi Pier.

(3) Estimulation of concrete

The erosion phenomenon starts with the destruction of the concrete, and is collectively referred to as the diseased diseases such as honeycomb hemp, dew, loose skin, and peeling of concrete bridge structure surface.

(4) Cracks

The harm of cracks to reinforced concrete bridges is different, and severe cracks such as penetrating seams and mesh cracks will seriously endanger the safe operation of the bridge. In addition, cracks often cause the occurrence and development of other diseases, such as corrosion of steel bars, freezing and destruction. These diseases form a vicious circle with the cracks and will greatly harm the durability of the bridge.

(5) Carbonization of concrete and corrosion of steel bars

When the degree of corrosion of concrete carbonization and reinforcement rust is becoming more severe, the bridge will inevitably produce more smooth band cracks, which will cause the safety of the bridge to reduce the safety of the bridge and shorten the life span of the use.

Analysis of the cause of the disease of the road and bridge

The diseases in roads and bridges not only affect people’s normal travel, but also have a great impact on traffic. Therefore, it is necessary to attract the attention of relevant authorities. Through detailed investigations and research, there were corresponding analysis of the diseases of roads and bridges, and there were many reasons that affecting the diseases that affect road bridges. Poor, unreasonable structural design, and unscientific maintenance in the later period can cause certain diseases on roads and bridges. Let ’s analyze the main causes of the diseases of roads and bridges:

(1) erosion

According to different mechanisms, erosion can be divided into frozen melting, rushing and air erosion, water erosion, and weathering. Among them, freezing and erosion refers to in the state of water saturation or humidity, due to the positive and negative change of temperature, the hardening concrete gaps of the structure of the structure, the water freezing and expansion, the fusion of relaxation, the fatigue stress, and the destruction that causes the concrete to gradually erode from the table and inside. Essence

(2) Crack

When the stress of the concrete is greater than its tensile strength or the stretching is greater than its extreme pull -up, the concrete will cause cracks. The concrete stirring and transportation time is too long, causing the water to evaporate, causing the collapse too low when the concrete is poured, which will cause irregular mesh cracks in the concrete. The method of concrete is not proper during the initial maintenance of the concrete. The plastic contraction state occurs, and irregular cracks will also be produced on the concrete surface.

(3) Carbonization of concrete and rust of reinforcement

For bridges with many cracks and poor concrete quality, the degree of corrosion of the steel bars must also be serious, and the cracked tendon cracks produced are also particularly many.

With the corrosion of the reinforcement, the concrete cracking and peeling, the adhesion of the steel and the concrete continues to lose, the cutting area of the reinforcement decreases, and the carrying capacity decreases, thereby reducing the safety of the structure.

Reinforcement and enhancement technology research on roads and bridges

After analyzing the diseases of road bridges, the corresponding technologies of bridge reinforcement treatment must be carried out to ensure that the disease will not be enlarged, so as not to cause traffic accidents.

(1) Crack repair technology of roads and bridges

The main purpose of crack repair technology is to restore the durability and waterproofness of the corresponding structure. The main technologies are:

1. The treatment of the surface cracks, apply the filling of the filler on the surface of the slight crack, and the application of waterproof material. For cracks that change width, they must be used with telescopic materials.

2. The grouting method is injected into a certain resin or cement material into the cracks produced. The main grouting material is epoxy resin, which should be used for low -pressure and low speed injection methods. Using epoxy resin injection method and steel nails can not only enhance the overallness of the cracks, but also prevent the crack from continuing.

3. Filling method, this method is suitable for repairing wider cracks. The specific method is to cut a deep groove along the cracks produced, and then embedded with various bonding materials in its slot, such as cement mortar, ring. Oxygen mortar, expansion cement mortar, epoxy resin silicon, asphalt and various chemical reinforcements.

4. Surface spraying method. Sprinkle repair is a repair method of lobed cement mortar with a layer of dense and high viscosity on the cracked surface of the fracture. Before spraying, remove the peeling part of the structure surface, rinse and clean it with water, and wet the grassroots before starting the jet, and then start spraying.

5. The bonding steel plate is closed. When the steel bar component generates the main tensile stress crack, the crack can be processed first, and then the steel plate is bonded at the place where it is cracks. Essence The direction of its steel plate bonding should be perpendicular to the direction of the crack.

(2) Reinforcement technology of the upper structure of the bridge

The reinforcement technology of the upper part of the beam -type bridge mainly includes an increase in cross -sectional reinforcement, external adhesion reinforcement method, external prestressing reinforcement method, and changing structural system reinforcement method.

1. Increasing the section reinforcement method adopts the section area of the increase of the component. Depending on the load size and the different conditions of the net, it can be divided into two reinforcement schemes, which are mainly increased cross -sectional areas and add steel bars.

2. Materials such as steel, glass fiber reinforcement, and glass fiber reinforcement method are pasted outside the structure through adhesives such as epoxy resin to improve the capacity of the structure bearer. It is suitable for the occasion that the component size is limited but must greatly improve the capacity of the structure, and the quality of the adhesive must be ensured.

3. External prestressing reinforcement method refers to a reinforcement method to apply a certain initial stress on the additional component or the original component to the additional component or the original component. Adopting pre -increased pressure on the pull -up area can offset some self -weight stress, play a role in uninstalling, reducing span medium deflection, reducing the width of cracks or closed cracks.

4. Change the structural system reinforcement method By adding support or bridge pier, the simplified branch becomes continuous, and the beams such as steel frames are added under the beam to reduce the peak bending moment in the beam to reduce the peak bending moment of the cross section and improve the carrying capacity. One reinforcement method.


In summary, the emergence of road and bridge disease is one of the main reasons for traffic accidents. Therefore, related construction units and related management departments must strengthen the improvement of road and bridge maintenance technology and the management of road bridges. For a while, he found the diseases of the road and bridge, and the main cause of the analyzer’s disease. According to the reasons it, a certain improvement measures were taken to prevent the safety of the road and bridge disease. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the reinforcement technology of roads and bridges is also constantly developing and continuously applied. These technologies have certain advantages. Therefore, it is adopted by most road bridge construction workers. Strengthening the research on road bridges and its reinforcement technology can not only improve my country’s traffic conditions, but also ensure the development of my country’s economy and promote the development of my country’s construction industry


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