Quality Warrenty Policy

Quality Warrenty Policy

Quality Warrenty Policy

Quality Warrenty Policy include the following terms:

Quality Guarantee

The manufacturing of these equipments is completely in compliance with The Production Standards of GBT and related international standards, reaching to the standard technical parameters of operating instructions. The guarantee period for equipments is one year (Exclude the wearing parts), and half a year for motors. The seller guarantee to keep the equipments in good repair during the guarantee period, concerning the problems occurred by the quality of equipments. The seller has no responsibility if the equipments with buyer’s man-made damages.

The general terms and conditions hereinafter constitute an inseparable part of this contract and shall be equally binding upon both parties.

Quality/Quantity Discrepancy:

In case of quality discrepancy, claim should be filed by Buyers within 21 days after all the equipments installed and debugged. It is understood that the Sellers shall not be liable for any discrepancy of the goods shipped due to causes for which insurance company, shipping company, other transportation organizations or post offices are liable.

Force Majeure:

Should the sellers fail to deliver the contracted goods or effect the shipment in time by reason of war, flood, fire, storm, heavy snow or any other causes beyond their control, the time of shipment might be duly extended, or alternatively a part or whole of the Contract might be canceled but the Sellers have to furnish the Buyers with a certificate attesting such event of events.

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