SBS Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant

SBS Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant




SBS Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant


-With the unique mixing and stirring structure, the modifier floating on the liquid surface is turned into the liquid by the action of the vortex plate and evenly dispersed into the asphalt.
-The modifier added by electronic weight reduction weighing, feeded by the screw with frequency conversion speed control.
-Base asphalt supply metered by flow meter , controlled by variable frequency pump speed .
-Base asphalt heating using large-capacity heat exchanger with electronic regulation by the temperature control , to adapt to the ambient temperature of different regions.
-The colloid mill adopts a unique “trapezoidal internal tooth” structure, and the stator and rotor are made of imported high-alloy materials with adjustable clearance, which can truly “shear, grind and homogenize” in one pass.
-Frame structure reaction/pre-mixing unit, easy to move, high productivity

Model MTG30 MTG20 MTG15 MTG10M
Capacity (T/h) ≤30 ≤20 ≤15 ≤10
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Total Power(Kw) ≤222.5 ≤149 ≤139 ≤83
Ratio of Bitumen and Modifier 100:1-100:10
Main Engine Dim.(L*W*H)mm 12000*2400*2600 11500*2250*2500 11500*2250*2500 11800*2250*2500
Reaction Tank Capacity (L) 25000×3 25000×2 25000×2 12000
Reaction Tank Overal Dimension (L*W*H )mm 11000*2250*2500 Contained within the main engine


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