HZS35 Self Loading Cement Ready Mixed Concrete Mixing Plant

HZS35 Self Loading Cement Ready Mixed Concrete Mixing Plant




HZS35 Self Loading Cement Ready Mixed Concrete Mixing Plant

Product Description

Main Features

1.Reliable shaft end seal technology+high wear-resisting lining plate and blade.
2.Mixer prevent aggregate stick on shaft,reduce cleaning workload.

3.Special lifting mechanism,start and stop smoothly.long life of steel wire rope.
4.Lifting system have loose rope,exceed limit position,fall protection measures.
5.Feeding and mixing complete sealing,powder material silo adopt pulse negativepressure dust catcher,no pollution.

6.Weighing accurately,control humanization an intelligent.

7.Complete failure prevention and alarm mechanism,not because the voltage isnot enough to block the discharging door.

8.Increasing aggregate bin volume,can use assisted feeding mechanism to loaderno longer busy.

Item Unit HZS35
Nominal output/h m³/h 35
Mixer charging 0.75
Batching machine PLD1200-III
Aggregate storage bins charging 3
Aggregate storage bins qty pc 3
Aggregate weighing capacity kg 2000
Cement weighing capacity kg 400
Fly-ash weighing capacity kg /
Water weighing capacity kg 200
Additive weighing capacity kg 40
Mixer power kw 30
Belt conveyor power kw 7.5
Total power kw 60
Mixer discharge height m 3.8
Total weight t 13
Outline dimension(L*W*H) m 15.2*9.4*19.2
Loading Skip hoist
Weighing accuracy Aggregate % ±2
Powder % ±1
Water % ±1
Additive % ±1

Small space, great performance
Versatile, economical, durable Compact dimension


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