J1500 Asphalt Batching Plant

J1500 Asphalt Batching Plant




J1500 Asphalt Batching Plant

Features and Technical Data

Technical Parameter J1500
Production Capacity (t/h) 90-120
Mixer Capacity (kg) 1500
Measuring Accuracy Aggregate ±0.3%
Filler ±0.2%
Bitumen ±0.1%
Temperature Control Accuracy (℃) ≦±5
Dust Collecting Efficiency (mg/Nm³) ≦20
Total Power (kw) 360
Cold Feeder Length*Width (m) 3*2.15
Hopper Capacity (m³) 7.3
Collecting Belt Width (mm) 500
Power (kw) 5.5
Drying Drum Diameter*Length (m) 1.8*6.5
Power (kw) 4*11
Vibrating Screen Length*Width (m) 4.6*1.9
Power (kw) 2*5.5
Scale Hopper Capacity Aggregate (kg) 1500
Filler (kg) 225
Bitumen (kg) 225
Mixer Capacity (kg) 1500
Power (kw) 45
1 Green Foaming Warm Mixing Technology
The temperature decrease by 28-44℃ compared with traditional mixing technology.
Reduce over 50% carbon dioxide and 80% harmful gas emission.
No blue smoke and odour during production and paving.
2 Fast Modular Installation
Container modular design
Easy delivery
Quick installation
Convenient re-location
Durable and undeformable
Cable-stayed mixed storage silo
3 Variable Adjusting Secondary Scale
Special “Variable adjusting secondary scale” patented technology ,minimize the scale error.
Scale precision: Aggregate: ± 0.3%; Filler: ±0.2%; Bitumen: ±0.1%
Cloud Updating & Cloud Diagnosis & Cloud Maintenance
Remote software upgrading
Remote fault diagnosis
Remote system maintenance
4 Drying System
Universal transmission system technology has the advantage of installation error compensation, high transmission efficiency, transmission stable and reliable.
Unique designed wearing resistant paddles can prolong the drum life and increase heat efficiency by 15%.
5 Hot Elevator
Modular frame structure
Convenient to transportation, installation, dis-assembly and undeformable
Equipped with automatic takeup and backstop device
Noise low, life long
High Efficiency
World-renowned brand component.
Cold feeder, burning, weighing, hot storage silo, induced draft fan and other systems adopt frequency conversion technology which can realize energy saving and noise reduction.
The tower, filler tank and other assemblies equipped with special dust collection system which prevents dust scatter and make sure the exhaust dust density lower than 20mg/Nm³.
6 High Efficiency Vibrating Screen
No maintenance and greasing
Fully opening foldable gate
Equipped with reverse braking device to eliminate resonance effect
Covered with insulation mineral wool to reduce heat loss and noise
Mixing System
Mixing system adopts the advanced international technology and designed with optimize structure
Bitumen and filler are equivalently entered by multi-points in favor of reducing mixing cycle and increase productivity
Adopt rotatory gate at both sides of mixer for maintenance easily
7 Dust Collecting System
Imported 500g/m² bags from U.S Dupont
High filtration precision, high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant and long life
The tower adopts exhausting system to avoid dust scatter
High & low temperature alarm and cutoff function for super high-temperature




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