Bitumen Emulsion Plant 10 Type

Bitumen Emulsion Plant 10 Type With a simple structure and capacity of 10t/h, the bitumen emulsion plant GYRY10B is used to produce a wider range of emulsified asphalt types.




Bitumen Emulsion Plant 10 Type

Parameters of Bitumen Emulsion Plant 10 Type:

Model GYRY10B
Maximum Capacitance 60 kW
Power of Emulsifying Machine 30/22 kW
Rotation Speed of Emulsifying Machine 2930 r/min
Electrical Heating Power of Conduction Oil 9 kw
Heat Exchanger Area of Heat Exchanger 27 m2
Fineness of Emulsified Asphalt ≤5 μm
Capacity 10 t/h
Weight 6 t
Combustor Power 2.0×105 kcal/h
Dimension 6500 mm(L)×2300 mm(W)×2700 mm(H)


  • The flow ratio is controlled by electrically adjustable valve. As a result, the bitumen emulsion plant GYRY10B is suitable for continuous operation, resulting in reduced operating costs.
  • The stator and rotor of the colloid mill is wear-resistant and corrosion resistant. By this means, the emulsifying effect and stability can be guaranteed.
  • The finished emulsified asphalt is cooled to room temperature by heat exchanger for improving the stability in storage. Besides, the heated cooling water can be used to produce emulsified asphalt for saving the cost of cleaning water heating. As a result, the emulsified asphalt manufacturing cost is reduced, leading to energy saving and environmentally friendly.
  • The bitumen emulsion plant is controlled by PLC, the signal is collected by electromagnetic flow meter, the rotation speed of asphalt pump is controlled by variable-frequency drive and the flow rate of emulsified water is controlled by electrically adjustable valve.
  • With high efficiency and easy operation, electrical heating system is mainly used for preheating each type of pump casing before production by utilizing heat conduction oil. Therefore, common blow lamp heating can be replaced by electrical heating.
  • All materials contacting the emulsion adopts stainless steel for corrosion resistance. Therefore, the bitumen emulsion plant is suitable for producing each type of emulsified asphalt.



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