Analysis of the Problem for Asphalt Mixing Equipment Dust Removal System-2

Analysis of the Problem for Asphalt Mixing Equipment Dust Removal System-2

Analysis Of The Problem For Asphalt Mixing Equipment Dust Removal System-2

Analysis of the cause of poor dust removal effect

The poor dust removal effect is generally due to the large difference between the material of the filter bag, the damage of the filter bag, or the seal between the clean gas chamber of the purifier and the turbid gas chamber, which causes some dust to be discharged directly without filtering, causing the chimney to smoke, pollute the environment to pollute the environment Essence

Fault treatment plan and measures

It can be judged whether the current value of the pipeline or the system obstruction can be judged by comparing the current value of the cadder and the current value of normal production. Insufficient wind pressure and air volume of the infiltration fan, in the early days of the equipment, there were insufficient winds and dry drums. The specific judgment basis is: If the current of the winding machine is smaller than the current at normal operation, the dry roller is smoking, at which time it can be judged as the system obstruction; Smoke can judge the system leakage.

Pipeline leakage failure

The connection measures of the French sealing during the system are not in place. After the equipment runs for a period of time, the dust removal system pipeline connects flange deformation, the pipeline is damaged, and the valve caused by the cold wind valve mechanical or electrical fault in front of the bag dust collector will cause pipeline leakage. In response to such problems, you must first check whether the cold wind valve switch is normal; secondly, check all the dust removal pipelines, whether the first -class dust collector housing and cloth bag dust collector and the lower box are damaged; then check Is there any strict sealing in the connection of flange.

System blocking failure

(1) System blocking fault check. First of all, you should check whether the wind gate mechanical or electrical failure should be adjusted for the fans, causing it to be in a normal closed state or in the small wind gate for a long time; secondly, check the pipeline of the winding pipe or the first -level dust shell. Finally, check the dust filter Whether the bag is blocked.

(2) Dust filter bag blocking failure. There are many reasons for blocking the failure of the dust filter bag, which should be checked and processed from the following aspects.

The burner is inadequate or the water vapor content in the tail gas is large and exposed on the filter bag. A layer of difficulty is formed on the outside of the filter bag, causing the filter bag to block. In this case, the filter bag needs to be cleaned. The filter bag with poor cleaning effect should be replaced. In addition, the water content of the raw materials must be strictly controlled.

The filter bag is poor, and the breathability decreases under the action of high temperature tail air, which causes a certain degree of blocking the filter bag. This situation can be judged by detecting the pressure difference between the cloth bag dust collector when the equipment is running in the air: after a long time of air -loaded blowing, the surface of the filter bag is not removed and the cement layer cannot be removed. At 800Pa, you can determine the material problem of the filter bag, and you need to replace the filter bag.

If the problem of the blowing system will cause the filter bag to clear the ash thoroughly, the exterior area of the filter bag is increasing, and the filter bag will be blocked. This situation is mostly manifested as: the equipment runs normally 1h each time the device is turned on, and the current current of the wind machine has gradually decreased after 1H. This situation is a typical filter bag obstruction caused by the lack of ash. When you encounter this kind of problem, you must first check whether the anti -blowing pressure of the air compressor fan can achieve normal work pressure, especially the high -pressure air pressure generated by the air compressor. The problem of lack of spraying pressure caused by the problem or pulse valve leakage, and it can be effectively solved after the corresponding problem inspection and processing. The second is to check the middle situation of the spray port and the center of the spraying filter bag. If the blowing port and the filter mouth mouth are not right, the spraying power will be insufficient and the ash clearing effect will be poor. There is also the gap between the filter bag and the keel. If the filter bag is close to the keel, the filter bag will not shake during blowing, which will further affect the effect of clear gray. This situation is often because the filter bag is used for a period of time or the filter bag does not match the keel. It can only be solved by replacing the filter bag or keel. The last is to check the spray control system. If there is no work pulse valve, spray time or spray interval, it will cause the ash clearing effect to decrease. Replace the damaged pulse valve or adjust the time and interval time according to the requirements. The main points of this problem.


There are many reasons for the problem of asphalt mixing equipment during the operation of the dust removal system. As an operating maintenance personnel, they should gradually analyze and judge and quickly solve the problem in accordance with the above methods to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. environment of. In the actual production process, the basic principles of removing the dust removal equipment must be used to maintain the maintenance and maintenance of dust removal equipment, and timely maintain the equipment and clean the pipeline. Only by doing these can ensure better work of the dust removal device and generate better economic and social benefits for enterprises. In actual use, in addition to the use and adjustment of the dust removal equipment itself, you should also pay attention to many problems such as the adjustment of the air volume of the combustion system and the negative pressure changes of the drum, so as to fully combine and make the tail gas contain less dust and truly achieve the real realization. energy saving.


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