2303S Road Pavement Cold Recycler

2303S Road Pavement Cold Recycler




2303S Road Pavement Cold Recycler

XLZ2303S road cold recycling machine is a multifunctional road maintenance machine mainly used for the upgrade operations of the used asphalt county and township roads as well as the in-site stabilized soil mixing operations. XLZ2303S road cold recycling machine is applicable for the mixing of natural soil with filler, cement, and lime to improve the mechanical and physical performances of the soil and for the milling operations of damaged asphalt or asphalt concrete roads in thickness of no higher than 150mm. In addition, it’s also applicable for the in-situ stabilized soil mixing operations for the substrates and roadbeds of the highway, urban road, square, harbor, and parking lot projects.

Item Unit Parameter
Manufacturer Weichai
Engine Model WP13G530E310
Rated power/speed kW/rpm 390
Working speed km/h 0-3.2/4
Traveling speed km/h 0-22.8/29
Theoretical gradeability % ≥20
Ground clearance mm 350
Working weight kg 26500/22500
Maximum Milling width mm 2100/2300
Maximum milling depth mm 400
Amount of tools pcs 162
Rotor diameter mm 1380
Overall dimensions mm 9232*3262*3450
Fuel tank L 650
Hydraulic oil tank L 380
Water tank L 1000


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