Hydraulic Single Drum Road Roller LTS206 208

Suitable for all kinds of non-cohesive materials such as soil, gravel, gravel, gravel, gravel, rock fill and all kinds of stable soil subgrade and pavement engineering compaction, can be widely used in high grade highway, railway, municipal engineering, airport, port, wharf, dam and other engineering foundation compaction and various industrial construction sites.



Hydraulic Single Drum Road Roller LTS206 208

Main features:

* Front wheel hydraulic vibration, hydraulic steering, rear wheel drive, strong climbing ability.

* Hydrostatic rear wheel drive, continuously variable speed, one bar control, advanced technology, easy to operate, comfortable, safe and reliable.

* Special vibrating wheel technology, large vibration force, high compacting degree, high working efficiency.

* Articulated frame, light steering, small turning radius, flexible maneuvering.

* The rear hood can flip freely at a large Angle, the engine can be inverted, the humanized layout, and the maintenance is within reach.

* Unique appearance, compact structure, low center of gravity, smooth running, good front and rear vision.

* Adopt two level vibration damping, install adjustable elastic suspension vibration damping seat, driving comfort.

工作质量 Operating mass kg 6000 7500
静线载荷 Static linear load N/cm 195 215
振幅 Vibration amplitude mm 0.4 0.4
振动频率 Vibration frequency Hz 45 45
激振力 Centrifugal force KN 70 82
行走速度 Travel speed Km/h 0-7.2 0-7.2
爬坡能力 Grade ability % 35 35
转弯半径 Turning radius mm 6000 6000
振动轮宽度 Vibration round width mm 1660 1660
振动轮直径 Vibration round width mm 1220 1220
轴距 Wheelbase mm 2750 2750
最小离地间隙 Ground clearance mm 320 320
柴油机型号 Diesel model 新柴4D32 新柴4D32
柴油机功率 Rated power kw 36.8 36.8
柴油机额定转速 Rated speed r/min 2200 2200
燃油箱容量 Fuel tank volume L 190 190
液压油箱容量 Hydraulic oil tank volume L 96 96
外形尺寸(长*宽*高) Overall dimension mm 4970*1880*2690 4970*1880*2690





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