LT207G Single Steel Wheel Vibratory Roller

LT207G single steel wheel vibratory roller, suitable for municipal roads, highway maintenance, building construction, sports and other industrial sites and other foundation pavement compaction operations.



LT207G Single Steel Wheel Vibratory Roller

Main characteristics

* Hydraulic vibration, excitation force, high compaction density;

* Mechanical walking, smooth tire drive, forward and backward each three gears, special speed;

* Articulated frame, hydraulic steering, small turning radius, flexible maneuvering;

* Full anti-corrosion sprinkler system, super large capacity water tank, electric pressurized sprinkler, unique nozzle design, covering all steel wheels and rubber wheels;

* Two sets of brake devices, hand brake and foot brake, to ensure the safety and reliability of the machine;

* The clutch and foot brake are operated with hydraulic power to save effort.


Main technical parameters

工作质量 Operating mass kg 7000
静线载荷 Static linear load n/cm 215
振幅 Vibration amplitude mm 0.4
振动频率 Vibration frequency hz 43
激振力 Centrifugal force kn 70
行走速度(Ⅰ /Ⅱ/Ⅲ) Travel speed Km/h 2.2/4.7/15
爬坡能力 Grade ability % 25
转弯半径 Turning radius mm 6000
外形尺寸(长*宽*高) Overall dimension mm 5030*1880*2570
振动轮宽度 Vibration round width mm 1700
轴距 Wheelbase mm 2750
最小离地间隙 Ground clearance mm 305
柴油机型号 Diesel model 4D32T31/502(国Ⅲ)
柴油机功率 Rated power kw 36.8
柴油机额定转速 Rated speed r/min 2200
轮胎型号 Tire model 12.00-24-16
洒水箱容量 Water tank capacity L 450




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