LTC203 Series Vibratory Roller

LTC203 series vibratory roller, suitable for municipal road, highway maintenance, at the same time suitable for trench foundation, construction, pipeline backfilling, sports field and other narrow road compaction operations



LTC203 Series Vibratory Roller

Main characteristics

* Hydraulic two-wheel walking, hydraulic two-wheel vibration, hydraulic steering, with reliable performance and excellent function/price ratio; *LTC203P hydraulic front and rear wheel drive walking, hydraulic front wheel vibration;

* The front and rear wheels are equipped with mud scraper and sprinklers. The advanced sprinkling water pump system can realize intermittent sprinkling, which greatly broadens the construction condition of the machinery;

* The engine adopts ZN390B diesel engine, energy saving and environmental protection, easy to use and maintain; Optional Perkins 403D-15 engine;

* The compact structure of the machine, small volume, can be used for compaction operations in narrow sites with a small investment, fast income good economic performance;

*LTC203P rear wheel with 4 smooth tire combination, both steel wheel roller and tire roller dual functions, can effectively improve the asphalt surface compaction quality, and improve the climbing ability;

*LTC203P more stable walking, good shock absorption effect;

*LTC203P premium airline seat greatly improves operator comfort and reduces fatigue;

型号 MODEL   LTC203 LTC203P LTC204 LTC204P
工作质量 Operating mass kg 3300 3000 4000 3800
静线压力(前/后) Static linear load N/cm 136/136 136/180 150/150 150/200
振幅 Vibration frequency mm 0.5/0.5 0.5 0.5/0.5 0.5
激振力 Centrifugal force KN 2*30 30 2*30 30
振动频率 Vibration frequency Hz 50 50 50 50
行走速度 Travel speed km/h 0-12 0-12 0-12 0-12
爬坡能力 Grade ability % 30 32 25 25
转向角度 Steering angle ° +26 +26 +26 +26
外形尺寸(长*宽*高) Overall dimension mm 2900*1400*2520 2900*1400*2580 2900*1400*2520 2900*1400*2580
振动轮直径 Drum diameter mm 700 700 700 700
振动轮宽度 Drum width mm 1250 1250 1300 1300
后轮光面轮胎数量 Quantity of rear tire Pic / 4 / 4
后轮光面轮胎规格 Specification of rear tire / 7.50-15 / 7.50-15
轴距 Wheelbase mm 2010 2010 2010 2010
柴油机功率 Diesel power Kw 26.5/24.4 26.5/24.4 26.5/24.4 26.5/24.4
柴油机型号 Diesel model ZN390B/403D-15 ZN390B/403D-15 ZN390B/403D-15 ZN390B/403D-15
洒水箱容量 Water tank capacity L 200 200 200 200




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