The Application of New Materials, New Technologies, and New Crafts in Highway Maintenance

The Application Of New Materials, New Technologies, And New Crafts In Highway Maintenance
In recent years, with the continuous acceleration of my country’s highway construction process, there must be a problem of highway maintenance in the use of roads. Many new technologies have emerged during the maintenance of road maintenance in my country, which has created the possibility of improving the performance and quality of highway maintenance.
The Application Of New Materials, New Technologies, And New Crafts In Highway Maintenance
Before the pavement is repaired, the cause and level of disease are first analyzed. If the pavement is damaged due to the reasons of the road -based loading, the roadbed must be processed to achieve the carrying capacity of the design specified, and then the pavement is repaired. For road sinks due to damage to the drainage system, the drainage facilities should also be repaired for pavement repair.
Repair process and equipments
Maintenance projects are divided into small -area repair and sewing treatment. Large and medium -sized repair projects are divided into large -area repair and road base treatment. The repair forms are different, the processing process is different, and the selected equipment is also different.
1. Small area repair. Due to small area, there are small area, many points, wide distribution, and the repair time requires flexible maneuverability, fast and efficient, but the small area repair is generally large. To this end, minimize the number of equipment and the number of personnel as much as possible, and improve the maintenance efficiency. However, in order to reduce the number of maintenance equipment, as much as possible as possible and high maneuverability, all the links from the finished material to compacking are completed with a car device.
2. Make -up processing. The processing of sewing is mainly the treatment of the vertical and horizontal cracks of the road surface. It is mainly caused by the deformation of the road base or local sinking. It reflects the cracks formed on the road. Sinking, causing more serious diseases, so the cracks on the road should be used for sewing in time. Heating and warming the modified asphalt and the seam can be used as a heating and seam equipment. As the expansion of the preliminary auxiliary process, the gap cutting machine is required. The gap is cleared, and the hot air blowing the seam requires compressing the air heating blower.
3. Repair projects. The characteristics of large -scale repair projects are large area, high technical requirements, and high number and equipment level of corresponding machinery and equipment. Because the maintenance of high -level highways is an open construction, traffic cannot be interrupted during construction. By guiding the safety and orderly construction section of the vehicle, in order to reduce traffic safety and reduce the difficulty of construction. The scattered machinery, concentrate all the processes, personnel, machinery, and the concentrated construction of a certain point, uniformly hang to the next point. The large -scale construction process is relatively complicated, and there are many large equipment used. When the equipment is selected, we will not be selected for the timely simple supporting equipment, such as survey instruments, transportation equipment, emulsified asphalt sprinkler, etc. Select the key equipment of the process. It is rarely introduced in China and needs to be further verified. Therefore, in terms of the selection of the equipment below, the single machine is mainly selected.
4. Roadbed repair. Most of the loosening and cracks on the road surface are caused by the loosening and cracks of the road base. If only the loosening and cracks on the pavement are treated, the disease is not completely eliminated. The grassroots are processed, and the road process is very complicated and time -consuming. For general road surfaces, there are road surface layers, roads connected layers, and bottom layers of the road, and then the road base two -gray gravel layer. It is necessary to apply multi -layer and multi -layer paving. The original road is a few layers of paving. Paper, milling depth, and the health period must be healthy after the process of road processing. Even if the early strong agent is added, the health period must not be less than 24h. The difference is just a few layers to deal with, and the processing process is basically the same, but the mixing is different from the material, and the mixing and the equipment are different. The asphalt mixture and connected layer of the surface layer are mixed with a mixing material.
Pavement maintenance material
Asphalt is a thermoplastic resin material.
The aging will occur under crushing. The process of aging asphalt is the process of transformation of asphalt composition. In short, the lightweight component in asphalt gradually decreases, asphalt thickening, reduced degree, and poor softness. With the aging of asphalt, the use of the pavement has gradually decreased, and the phenomenon of rough surfaces, mesh, and falling off occurred. If you paint or spray materials such as aging or regenerative agents on the surface of the pavement to supplement the lightweight ingredients in the asphalt, it can make the asphalt softening, increase its flexibility and elasticity, and improve the conjunction of asphalt and the rutuality and the asphalt Life life. This material is generally composed of solvents, light oil scores and glue composition, and is made of petroleum solvents, burn -burned by -products and resin.
1. Cold construction asphalt mixture. In order to make the destructive asphalt pavement quickly repair and open traffic immediately, at the same time, the construction is not limited by temperature conditions, and the asphalt mixture of cold construction should be promoted. This material uses the modified asphalt and the asphalt of about 110 ° C and mixes and uniformly with the minerals of about 50 ° C to make the storage asphalt mixture finished. 2. Asphalt crack treatment material. Asphalt pavement cracks are caused by road base deformation and frozen reasons. The cracks in the early stages of road construction will heal as the temperature rises. However, it is difficult to heal by itself after several years of use. The cracks are extremely harmful to the road surface. The appropriate materials must be used to block it in time. Otherwise, the rainwater will not only destroy the pavement structure after penetration of the rain, but also destroy the road base structure.
Several technical methods for repairing asphalt pavement
1. Poems modified emulsified asphalt sealing layer Micro meter at the micropathy of the polymer modified emulsion asphalt sealing technology (hereinafter referred to as a micro table at the microcontroller at the microcontroller, the asphalt pavement pavement that uses high molecular polymers to modify the emulsion asphalt Construction technology. The United States, Australia and other European countries began to apply this technology in the early 1980s. This technology was internationally recognized as a repair of diseases such as road ruts, mild cracks Anti -slip, one of the most effective and economical means.
2. Asphalt concrete road surface thermal regeneration supplementary technology. At present, some developed countries in Europe and the United States have used this technology. Especially in the bidding of the U.S. highway asphalt pavement maintenance project, the heat regeneration was listed as an excellent construction method. With the extension of the use of highways in my country, the time of large -scale diseases on highway roads is also approaching. Jiangsu, Jilin, Tianjin, Shanxi and other provinces and cities have also introduced or developed some asphalt pavement thermal regeneration repair mechanical equipment.
3. Thermal patchwork method. The heating plate method has a great advantage over the traditional method of maintaining: save time; all the waste asphalt materials are regenerated, which is conducive to environmental protection; saves half of new materials; effectively extended the service life of the road; reduces staff; Operation distance; winter maintenance can be achieved in northern my country, and rainy and winter maintenance can be achieved in the southern region.
3.1 Working principle. Use propine as a fuel, and after a patented heating element, 100%thermal radiation energy position is the same as the sun glows), and recycles the asphalt pavement, soften the road surface, and then repair the operation.
3.2 Scope of use. The following asphalt pavement can be used for rapid repair of thermal supplementary board series products: hot supplementary board series products:
a. Pamel, sideways;
c. Turtle cracks, mesh, loose hemp surface, peeling, etc.
d.Repair after all kinds of excavation;
e.The method of pavement disease around the municipal manhole cover is milling or broken by traditional methods);
f.  bridge disease (there are steel plates under the surface layer, not milling, etc.).
3.4 Non -woven cloth and emulsion asphalt. The combination of non -weaving cloth and emulsion asphalt is mainly used in asphalt pavement maintenance. It is mainly for the strength of the grassroots and good levels. A composite material layer of cloth and emulsion asphalt to improve the pavement structure. The technical key includes the choice of emulsion asphalt; the choice of non -woven cloth; the speed and time of the patch; the flatness of the pavement molding period.
The asphalt pavement after emulsification asphalt and non -weaving cover surface has good appearance quality after 4 months. Without oil -free, it eliminates road mesh cracks and the waterproof capacity of the pavement has been greatly improved. In addition, the surface layer uses a stone chorply seal to improve its strength and increase the wear resistance of the road. Because the non -woven anti -fracture resistance is combined with the emulsion asphalt, the duration of asphalt pavement will be extended for more than 5 years.

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