Various Processes of The Most Complete Curve Construction in History

Various Processes of The Most Complete Curve Construction in History

Various Processes of The Most Complete Curve Construction in History

Various processes of the most complete curve construction in history

01 /Road engineering
1. Fill in road embankment: Construction preparation → Filling before base treatment → base detection → filling layer Filling → Fluttering of the bulldozer → flat aircraft and flat → test → record inspection visa → renovation formed molding
2. Excavation roads: Construction preparation → venue cleaning → excavation interceptor → excavation (slope repair) → transportation soil, stone square → digging side ditch → road slot renovation, crushing, molding → inspection and acceptance
3. Inorganic binding materials at the grassroots level: construction preparation → mixing material mixing → transportation → paving → compact → health → detection
4. Asphalt surface layer: construction preparation → Judu Stone installation → spraying through layer of oil → Test section Construction → mixed material mixing → transportation → compact → detection → testing
5. Cement surface layer: Construction preparation → template installation (sliding mold) → mixing material mixing → transportation → shop → vibration → seam treatment → anti -slip structure → health care
02/bridge engineering
1. The foundation of expansion and expansion: Construction preparation → excavation interceptor → precipitation facilities → encirclement structure (placed slope) → excavate layer by layer (human -machine cooperation; alternate with support) → base treatment → reinforced band bundle → template production → Watering → Conservation Demolition Model → Back Filling Flatter
2. Digging piles: Jingkou Protection Circle → (Artificial excavation → making wall protection) (cycle; air) → clearing the bottom → hanging steel cage → irrigation concrete
3. Drilling pile: Construction preparation → Buried protective tube → drilling rig position → Preparation of mud → drilling → clearing hole → reinforced cage production and hanging → irrigation underwater concrete
Plate steel bars processing and installation, prestressed pipe installation → internal mold installation → top plate steel processing installation and installation, end mold and anchor panel installation → prestressed tendon making → pouring box beam concrete → concrete maintenance → prestressed tendon tension → channel pressure Purgatory, sealing anchor → removing side molds, bottom molds and brackets → demolition, falling frame
5. Hanging basket method: The top 0 block of pier pier on the bracket or rack → The hanging basket is installed on the block No. 0 in order to be symmetrically poured into the Heilong section → the pouring side of the stent span the main Lianghelong section → the mid -crossing dragon section continuous (Heilong Dragon section continuous (Heilonglong (Heilonglong (Heilonglong Sequence: first, cross, then cross, and then cross)
6. Box Han top: On -site survey → engineering precipitation → work pit excavation → back production → skateboard production → laying lubricating isolation layer → box culvert production → top equipment installation → existing reinforcement → box culvert test top → eat soil → eat soil → eat soil → eat soil Top in → Monitoring volume test → box body position → removing reinforcement facilities → removing the back and the top equipment → workplace recovery
1. Underground continuous wall: excavation groove → build guide walls → excavation grooves → clearing slug bottom silt and residue → hanging joint pipe (rigidity, flexible) → hanging steel cage (hidden acceptance of supervision engineers) → lower catheter → irrigate concrete → pull out the joint tube
2. Light burial and dark excavation tunnel: advanced support → excavation → initial support → waterproof layer laying → secondary lining
3. Pipe shed construction: Put holes → Drilling machine position → Horizontal drilling → Pressing into the steel pipe → grouting (to the steel pipe or around the tube) → sealed → excavation → excavation
04/Water Supply and Sewerage
1. Overall watering pool: Measurement positioning → Turkish excavation and foundation treatment → cushion construction → waterproof layer construction → bottom plate pouring → pool wall and top plate support pillar watering → top board pouring → functional trials
2. Unit combined pool: Earthwriting excavation and foundation treatment → central pillar pouring → construction of pool bottom anti -seepage layer construction → concrete cushion layer of pouring pond → waterproof layer in the pond Silence → Pond Wall Waterproof Layer Construction → Functional Test
3. Test of the pond full water: test preparation → water injection in the pool → water level observation in the pool → evaporation measurement → finishing test conclusion
05/Domestic waste treatment engineering
1. Mud waterproof layer: Basis of acceptance site → Select the source of the anti -seepage layer → do multiple groups of different quantitative tests → Make multiple sets of soil -like water seepage tests → select the anti -penetration standard and economical ratio as the construction ratio as the construction ratio as the construction ratio as the construction ratio → Mix the soil samples according to the corresponding ratio of the construction site → Earth samples on the spot, compacted → layered construction synchronization test (compactness, water seepage test)
2. GCL pad: Base test → Hanging Putting on Putting → Artificial Putting Exhibition → Adjusting Width → Splending Palatum Powder at the overlap → Make follow -up construction
3.HDPE membrane: Hanging for position → laying → test adjustment → test welding (welding machine test welding, welded parts inspection) → welding (double seam heating, single seam extrusion) → weld detection (air pressure, vacuum, electricity, electricity, electricity, electric Spark; destructive) → Construction of the next step
4. HDPE osmotic collection of flower pipes: State debugging of the welded machine → Pipe preparation position → Pipelines to positive inspection → preheating (210 ± 10 ° C) → heating and melting → pressurization → reducing cooling (20-30min) (20-30min)


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