4500L Asphalt Distributor



4500L Asphalt Distributor

4500 liters Asphalt Emulsion Sprayer Truck Asphalt Distributor


There are 2 control systems for the asphalt distributor truck manufactured:manual control and automatic control. For manual control, the operator can calculate the corresponding travel speed and asphalt pump rotation speed to different spray volume according to our specified formula, and ultimately asphalt distribution truck will travel as the calculated speed. By setting the pump tachometer on the operator platform, the operator can observe the rotation speed for asphalt pump directly on the tachometer, and thus the uniformity of asphalt spray can be guaranteed. For automatic control, the operator just needs to set the spray volume and launch the speed detector in the operator cab, then the automatic control system will adjust the asphalt pump rotation speed according to the vehicle speed of the asphalt distributor truck at any time, and thus the precision and uniformity of spraying can be guaranteed.

Parameters of Asphalt Distributor Truck and Trailer HGY5100GLQ:

Parameter Details
Chassis Model ZZ1107G421CE199
Chassis Series HOWO
Chassis Engine Model ISF3.8s5154
Chassis Engine Power 115 (154) kw (hp)
Emission Standard National Ⅴ
Wheel Base 3800 mm
Total Weight 9990 kg
Auxiliary Engine Model 4TE35A-39A
Auxiliary Engine Power 26 (35) kW (hp)
Asphalt Tank Volume 4500 liters
Spray Width 4500 mm
Spray Volume 0.2-3 kg/m2
Spray Precision 1%
Spray Medium Modified asphalt, Hot asphalt, Emulsified asphalt
Asphalt Heating Method Automatic temperature control of conduction oil heating
Asphalt Heating Rate 12 ℃/h
Dimension 7150×2100×2500 mm
Please note: This asphalt distributor truck 4500 liters can be customized.


  • High load
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Easy and stable operation, as well as strong power.

Work System:

  • Equipped with a 26kw auxiliary engine for heating the asphalt during transport. By this means, the construction time is shorter, and the work efficiency can be increased.
  • This asphalt distributor truck adopts automatic control to automatically control the spray width of the spray bar and precisely calculate the spray volume of the asphalt in road construction.
  • The external asphalt tank coatings feature stainless steel polished plates to ensure the equipment is corrosion resistant, durable and provides superior heat preservation. The temperature is decreased ≤12℃/8h (room temperature).
  • The asphalt tank is equipped with a diesel burner to achieve high combustion efficiency and high heat rate. The auto ignition and automatic temperature control system are equipped for safe and stable operation.
  • The asphalt spray bar can be stretched and folded, and the height of the asphalt spray bar can be adjusted for convenient construction.
  • The asphalt distributor truck adopts high precision spray nozzle for fully guaranteed spraying effect.



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