8000L Asphalt Distributor



8000L Asphalt Distributor

Parameters of Asphalt Distributor Truck and Trailer HGY5163GLQ:

No Parameter Unit Standard Details Reference
1 Asphalt Tank Volume L 8000 liters
2 Spray Width mm 6000
3 Spray Volume kg/m2 0.2-3
4 Spray Precision 1%
5 Spray Medium Modified asphalt, Hot asphalt, Emulsified asphalt
6 Asphalt Heating Method Automatic temperature control of conduction oil heating
7 Asphalt Heating Rate ℃/h ≥12
8 Optimum Construction Speed km/h 3-10
9 Chassis Engine Power kw/hp 151/210
10 Maximum Total Weight kg 16000
11 Dimension mm 8970×2496×3350 L×W×H
Please note: The parameters of asphalt distributor truck can be customized.

Chassis (Sinotruk)

  • High load
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Easy and stable operation, strong power

Work System:

1 4 asphalt distributor truck 8000l 05b


  • Equipped with an auxiliary engine for heating the asphalt during transport. By thanks to this, the construction time is shorter, and the work efficiency can be increased.
  • 1 4 asphalt distributor truck 8000l 06
  • The asphalt tank is equipped with diesel burner to achieve high combustion efficiency, high heat rate, as well as safe and stable operation.
  • 1 4 asphalt distributor truck 8000l 07
  • The high precision spray nozzle equipped can guarantee uniform spray and superior spraying effect.
  • 1 4 asphalt distributor truck 8000l 08
  • The asphalt pump adopts the gear pump purchased from Viking for good performance of self-priming, wide range of rotation speed, good sealing performance and stable flow rate.



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