A20 Road Slooting Machine

A20 Road Slooting Machine A20 slotting machine is mainly used for slotting operation when asphalt pavement cracks are treated. Through six special blades, irregular cracks are quickly arranged into uniform grooves to form new bonding surfaces.



A20 Road Slooting Machine

Product introduction:

Optimize the contact layer between the filling material and the slot, strengthen the tight bonding property between the filling material and the side wall of the slot, so as to play a waterproof and tensile resistance effect on the road surface. The depth of the slot can be adjusted freely between 0-50mm through the electric push rod, and the width of the slot can be adjusted between 8-50mm. Six carbide blades are arranged in a ring to quickly cut even grooves. The width of the slot can be realized by replacing the blade or adjusting the number of gaskets.

Item Specification
Engine Brand Kohler
Engine Power 25HP
Fuel Tank Capacity 25L
Slooting Width 8-50mm
Slooting Depth 0-50mm
Slooting Speed 0-20m/min
Cutter Material Alloy Cutter
NO.Cutters 6pcs/set
Battery Premium maintenance-free battery, self-charging
Cooling Type Air
Starting Type Electrical starter
Working Efficiency 0-8000m/day
Overall Dimension 1800*740*1150mm
Weight 215kg



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