A16 Road Slooting Machine

A16 Road Slooting Machine

Product introduction:

A16 slotting machine for asphalt, cement pavement cracks treatment when the slotting operation, improve the market of the same type of slotting efficiency is slow, difficult to joint and other problems developed small slotting equipment. The device can adjust the groove depth, easy to operate; The walking mode is to pull back, which is convenient for construction personnel to cut and slot irregular cracks. Because of its special design of tool structure and special choice of tool material, it is suitable for slotting irregular cracks on cement and asphalt pavement.



A16 Road Slooting Machine

ITEM Specification
Engine Brand Honda GX390
Engine Power 13HP
Fule Tank Capacity 6.5L
Slooting Width 6-10mm
Slooting Depth 0-30mm
Cutter Type Diamond Type
Overall Dimension: 1210*650*1000mm
Weight 76kg


Engine and belt: The equipment uses Honda GX390 gasoline engine, the engine has the advantages of strong power, can ensure the efficiency of construction, can work continuously in a complex environment and low failure rate. The belt is mainly driven by the engine to rotate the cutter head

cutter head

Cutter head: This device has only one blade (diamond), easy to replace.


Wheels: Four wheels, three in front of the support function, the rear universal wheel is mainly to facilitate steering.

Road Cutter Slooting groover 1

Frame and handle: The frame integrates all the components together, and the handle controls the direction.

Lifting rocker

Lifting rocker: control slot depth.

Jacking Rocker

Jacking rod: fixed lifting rocker。

work on site

Work on site






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