B20 Dust removal slotting machine

B20 Dust removal slotting machine is an environmental protection slotting machine designed to adapt to dust-free construction. B20 adopts cyclone separation technology to achieve dust removal, with a dust removal rate of more than 90%. In the increasingly severe environmental protection situation, B20 dust removal slotting machine has become a good choice of construction units slotting machinery.



B20 Dust removal slotting machine

Product features:

  1. Imported Kohler engine, strong power, safe and reliable.
  2. High strength alloy blade, efficient and durable.
  3. The world-famous electric push rod can easily and precisely control the slot depth.
  4. Emergency stop system emergency brake switch, can effectively protect the operator.
  5. Crack positioning and tracking indicator needle, so that the slotting machine can accurately track the grooving along the crack.
  6. wear-resistant silicone dust-proof version, can effectively prevent slotting operation generated by the rubble splash, to ensure the safety of construction operations.
  1. Unique design of dust suction device to ensure no dust phenomenon in the construction process.
Item Specification
Engine Brand Kohler(USA)
Engine Power 27HP
Fuel Tank Capacity 25L
Dust Box Capacity 20L
Slooting Width 8-50mm
Slooting Depth 0-50mm
Slooting Speed 0-20m/min
Cutter Type Alloy cutter, 6pcs/set
Battery Premium maintenance-free battery, self-charging
Cooling Type Air
Starting Type Electrical Starter
Working Efficiency 0-6000m/day
Overall Dimension 1800*850*1200mm
Weight 288kg



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