Intelligent Fiberized Slurry Seal Micro-Surfacing Equipment

HGY5313TFCS6 intelligent fiberized slurry seal micro-surfacing equipment is primarily used for maintaining existing road and is compatible with different slurries, including regular slurry seal, modified slurry seal, micro-surfacing, fiberized slurry seal, fiberized micro-surfacing, fiberized micro-surfacing with viscous road oil etc.



Intelligent Fiberized Slurry Seal Micro-Surfacing Equipment


  • Intelligent control system with industrial controller provides outstanding stability and reliability.
  • Upgraded auxiliary engine and multiple sets of independent hydraulic system provide the slurry seal truck with strong, stable and continuous power.
  • The innovative mixing device is equipped with high-strength and abrasion-resistant blades to deliver better slurry mixing performance.
  • The paving system adopts double screw propellers for secondary mixing and paving, which can effectively prevent slurry segregation. The auto telescopic spreader can perfectly meet different road pavement requirements from driveways to expressways. Besides, the camber angle can be adjusted depending on the construction conditions.
  • The fiberized slurry sealer truck is designed with brand-new appearance and reasonable structure.
  • Large-size touch screen offers easy operation and good human-machine interactivity. In combination with the cloud platform, remote data transmission and diagnosis is achieved to provide users better usage experience and service.
  • The control system incorporates the manual and automatic control system to provide double operation reliability guarantees.
  • Patented fiber feed system features compact design, precise measurement and consistent cut-length.





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