Micro Surfacing Paver Slurry Sealing Truck

Micro surfacing Paver/ Slurry seal is the plant, that is widely used in all levels road surface maintenance, new road surface water-proof propose and urban way, express way surfacing crack “rut” construction.The plant is used to mix emulsion bitumen、water、aggregate、mineral power/ cement、additive material in certain ratio, and pave on the road, go though wrap complex, demulsification, dehydration, evaporation,curing processing, then make stick to the original road surface, and finally to shape the compact,stubborn and wearproof road surface, so it can improve the road performance a lot function.



Micro Surfacing Paver Slurry Sealing Truck

Product Details

Micro-surfacing Paver /Slurry Seal Advantages: 
1. Slurry seal / Micro surfacing are excellent solutions for roads that are in the early stage of deterioration. The mixture of aggregate, asphalt emulsion, water and additives are applied in a smooth layer over existing pavement. By doing this early in the pavement’s life-cycle, you can cost-effectively extend the life of the road up to seven years or more.
1.Slurry seal and micro surfacing provide many benefits: increase skid resistance, color contrast, surface restoration, and service life to high-speed, heavy-traffic roadways. Delaying or eliminating further aging due to water and sun.
2. Slurry will seal an existing pavement and produce some minor leveling without the inconvenience of loose cover stone. It can also be used for mass crack filling, to improve skid resistAance, to enhance appearance, and to reduce studded tire wear. Slurry made with a coal tar emulsion can protect the pavement in parking areas from damages by petroleum spills and drips.
3.Seal to correct existing pavement problems by waterproofing openness enriching under-asphalted pavement either asphalt concrete or seal coats performing minor leveling sealing cracks either temporarily or permanently, depending on the cause


Model LMT5310TXF LMT5255TXF
Dimension (LxWxH)mm 11100x2495x3720 10290x2495x3400
GVW (kg) 31000 25000
Engine power (Kw) 247 199
Emulsion asphalt tank capacity (m³) 4 3
Aggregate tank capacity (m³) 12 10
Cement tank capacity (m³) 0.5 0.5
Water tank capacity (m³) 4 3
Paving width (m) 2.5-4.2 2.5-4.2
Emission standard Euro VI Euro VI



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