LTC6 LTC6D Double Steel Wheel Vibration and Oscillating Roller

LTC6/LTC6D double steel wheel vibration and oscillating roller, suitable for municipal road, highway maintenance, at the same time for more than 1.5 meters wide trench foundation, construction, pipeline backfilling, sports field and other narrow road compaction operations.



LTC6 LTC6D Double Steel Wheel Vibration and Oscillating Roller

Main characteristics

* Hydraulic vibration or oscillation, excitation force, high compaction density.

* Articulated frame, hydraulic steering, small turning radius, flexible maneuvering.

* Anti-corrosion sprinkler system, large capacity water tank, electric pressurized sprinkler, unique nozzle design, covering all steel wheel.

* Long life anti-vibration and damping block, large damping coefficient, effective absorption of vibration, comfortable operation.

* Unique and excellent blanking performance, can be close to the building work.

* Hydraulic braking, reliable braking.


Main technical parameters


工作质量 Operating mass kg 6000 6000
静线载荷 Static linear load N/cm 232.4 232.4
振动轮直径 Drum diameter mm 950 950
压实宽度 Rolling wudth mm 1320 1320
激振力 Centrifugal force kN 55
激振力矩 Centrifugal Movement kN.m 20.6
激振频率 Oscillatoin frequency Hz 46 43
理论振幅 Oriental vibration amplitude mm 0.62
荡幅 Oscillation amplitude 0.6
行走速度一速二速 Travel speed1stgear2ndgear Km/h 2.5/7.5 2.5/7.5
爬坡能力 Grade ability % >20 >20
柴油机型号 Diesel model 4D32T31/502(国Ⅲ) 4D32T31/502(国Ⅲ)
柴油机额定转速 Diesel speed r/min 2200 2200
柴油机功率 Diesel power kW 36.8 36.8
外形尺寸长×宽×高 Overall dimension mm 3690×1600×2700 3690×1600×2700
洒水箱容量 Water tank capacity L 435 435




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