PY135C Hydraulic Motor Grader

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PY135C Hydraulic Motor Grader

Self-propelled articulated grader, suitable for large scale land leveling subgrade structure. It can be used for ditching, grading, scraping, soil removal, record, virgin land loosening and snow clearing, etc., which is the multi-stage function of modern construction and efficient high grade roads, railways, airports, port equipment, DAMS, INDUSTRAIL land and farmland.

(1) Well-known brands of diesel engines turbocharged and water-cooled reliable and powerful performance features of energy.

(2) Hydraulic torque converter and power shift transmission are introduced from ZF Company in Germany. Integrate together. Six forward gears and three backward gears meet the various requirements of the machine during its operation.

(3) The transaxle integrates a free wheel anti-slip differential and a powerful roller chain drive in series in case of boxed oscillation steering with the front axle close to the wheel.

(4) Popular working mechanism and swinging arm connecting rod structure, standard maintenance free rolling plate circulation device. Blade tip control twin cylinders can adjust the cutting Angle depending on soil quality.

(5) Flexible hydraulic control system with two sets of HUSCO five-way control valves, imported hydraulic balance valve blade lift, patented hydraulic-operated pin drawing equipment design first in the plate.

(6) The steering system center joint mouth and tilt steering front wheel can be offset the travel of the whole machine.

(7) Service brake system, four rear wheels and mechanical internal expanded parking brake calipers to allow disc brakes.

(8) Double oblique appearance adopts full metal cover 1m ×1m distance.

(9) The electro-hydraulic system operates with a maintenance-free OPTIMA Swedish battery that monitors the entire instrument.

(10) It is optional to push the front earth plate and loosen the back earth.

型号 MODEL   PY135C
整机重量 Operating mass Kg 13800
前桥负荷 Front axle load Kg 4000
后桥负荷 Rear axle load Kg 9800
最高前进速度 Max forward speed Km/h 38.5
最高后退速度 Max
backward speed
Km/h 24.4
档位数(前进/后退) Speed gear number F6/R3
最小转弯半径 Turning radius mm 7500
液压系统压力 Hydraulic
system pressure
Mpa 18
铲刀长×弦高 Blade  lengt
× height
mm 3660×610
前桥轮距 Front wheel track mm 2150
后桥轮距 Rear wheel track mm 2165
轴距 wheelbase mm 5347
发动机型号 Engine model mm QSB5.9
额定功率 Engine power kW 97
外形尺寸 Overall dimensions mm 8270×2495×3390




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