PY220 Hydraulic Motor Grader

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This machine is a kind of articulated self-propelled grader, suitable for large ground levelling work of foundation engineering, can also be used for digging ditch, scraping slope, soil, soil, snow and other work, is the construction of high-grade highway, railway, airport, port, dam, industrial site and farmland levelling multi-purpose high-efficiency modern construction equipment.



PY220 Hydraulic Motor Grader

Main characteristics

* Power configuration is Cummins or Weichai Guo3 diesel engine, strong power, reliable performance;

* The torque converter produced by Tseve Technology in Germany is integrated with the gearbox. The first 6 and the last 3 speed gears meet various working conditions during operation and driving;

* Built-in “NO-SPIN” inline free wheel anti-slip differential transaxle and heavy roller chain drive balancing box, box type swing steering front axle, can be side inclined tires;

* Adopt the foreign popular swing arm type connecting rod mechanism operating device, standard maintenance free roller rotary device. Double cylinder control shovel Angle according to the different soil hardness, control shovel knife into the soil Angle;

* Two sets of imported HUSCO five-way control valve, convenient and sensitive hydraulic control system, with imported shovel lifting hydraulic balance valve, unique hydraulic pin pulling device for the first time in China;

* The central hinge mechanism and deflection steering front wheel can realize the whole machine crab running;

* Using accumulator braking system, four wheel efficient clamp disc service brake, and equipped with internal expansion shoe parking brake;

* All controls are operated by hydraulic control, complete instrument monitoring system, maintenance-free OPTIMA battery;

* Optional front earth-moving plate and rear earth-looser.


型号 MODEL    PY220
整机重量 Operating mass Kg 16000
前桥负荷 Front axle load Kg 5820
后桥负荷 Rear axle load Kg 11080
最高前进速度 Max forward speed Km/h 36.8
最高后退速度 Max
backward speed
Km/h 24.8
档位数(前进/后退) Speed gear number F6/R3
最小转弯半径 Turning radius mm 7800
液压系统压力 Hydraulic
system pressure
Mpa 18
铲刀长×弦高 Blade  lengt
× height
mm 3965×610
前桥轮距 Front wheel track mm 2150
后桥轮距 Rear wheel track mm 2255
轴距 wheelbase mm 5647
发动机型号 Engine model mm WP6220
额定功率 Engine power kW 162
外形尺寸 Overall dimensions mm 8605×2695×3420




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