Road Groove Machine

Road Groove Machine-Road groove cutters are primarily used for groove cutting when handling cracks in asphalt and cement pavements. It utilizes its blades to quickly turn cracks into a uniform groove in order to form a new joint surface. Used with crack filling and sealing equipment, the road groove cutter widens and cleans cracks to prepare them for filling and sealing.




Road Groove Machine

Model GYKC300A
Engine Power 18.6kw
Fuel Tank Capacity 22L
Number of Blades 6
Cutting Width 12.5~50mm
Cutting Depth 0~30mm
Total Weight 248kg
Dimension 950 (L)mm×800(W)mm×1500(H)mm


road groove cutter


Gasoline engine (25 horse power) purchased from the American company Kohler is used for normal operations under harsh environments, and a longer life span.

  1. Spiral Elevator
  2. Triple Air Filter
  3. Depth Indication
  4. Crack Indication

road groove cutter 02

The groove width of road groove cutter can be adjusted by different cutting blade combinations.

  1. Iron Blade Plate
  2. Guard Chain
  • The Cutting depth ranges between 0~
  • New and old cutting blades can be used at the same time, resulting in a higher cutting blade efficiency.
  • The crack tracking indicator can ensure that the cutting blades accurately work along the random cracks.


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