S30 Crack Filling Machine

S30 Crack Filling Machine

Product use:Small maintenance equipment for sealing cement pavement joints and asphalt pavement cracks




S30 Crack Filling Machine

Product introduction:

S30 free type joint filling machine is mainly used for highway asphalt pavement and cement pavement irregular cracks, expansion joints, working joints, transverse and longitudinal cracks used in small maintenance equipment. It is mainly in order to prevent the destruction of subgrade base caused by water infiltration after road cracking, but also to control the road cracks affected by vehicle load or temperature shrinkage stress to continue to increase. Protect and extend the service life of the road, improve the safety and comfort of the road surface, delay the arrival of expensive overhaul project time. This equipment can be used with our vehicle filling equipment.

Item Specification
Overall Dimension 900*630*900
Insulation Mode Liquefied gas stove + thermal insulation cotton
Kettle Capacity 30L
Pre-heating Time 10-20min
Walking Type Hand Push
Alarm type Flash warning light


Performance characteristics:

1 Configuration of liquefied petroleum gas heating and insulation

2 The flow rate of caulking material can be manually adjusted

3 Small size, light weight, flexible and convenient movement


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