SMLS120 Road Crack Grouting Machine

SMLS120 Road Crack Grouting Machine




SMLS120 Road Crack Grouting Machine

Hot melt kettle Capacity 120L
Heat conducting oil volume 25L
Generator Set Honda
Motor Power 2.5KW
Tracking Speed 0-80km/h
Burner Power 50000kcal
Soft Pipe Length 4.7m
Temperature Range 0-300℃
Weight 725kg
Overall Dimension 2600*1300*1560mm
Heating Time 30-40min

Application and characteristics:

  1. Small size, light weight, easy to move, easy to operate, uniform filling seam, high efficiency.
  2. Using heat conduction oil interval heating road sealant, effectively prevent the burning of road sealant coking.
  3. Adopt advanced control instrument, can clearly display, adjust the electric heating hose and heat conduction oil temperature, so that the operator at a glance.
  4. The asphalt pump adopts stepless speed regulating motor, which can regulate the flow of road sealant according to the demand.
  5. The sewing filling machine is equipped with warning equipment to improve work safety.


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