SMLC300 Hot Melt Kettle

SMLC300 Hot Melt Kettle




SMLC300 Hot Melt Kettle

Item Specification

Hot melt kettle Capacity


Heat conducting oil volume

Generator Fuel Capacity 25L
 Burner Fuel Capacity 35L
Grouting Speed 0-15m/min
Generator 6.0KW
Soft Pipe Length 6m
Temperature Range 0-300℃
Weight 780kg
Dimension 2500*1800*1500mm
Pre-heating time 30-40min

Application and characteristics:

  1. The equipment is mainly used for the maintenance of various cracks and joints of asphalt and cement pavement.
  2. It can be equipped with a complete set of crack treatment equipment, such as slotting machine, hand push sewing machine, maintenance safety sign and transport vehicle.
  3. Adopt two-kettle three-stage melt adhesive design, with efficient melting capacity.
  4. One machine and two irrigation design, enhance mobility, greatly increase the amount of construction.
  5. Adopt constant temperature automatic control system, so that the material heating to the set temperature, can automatically enter the heat preservation state.
  6. The whole process of the feeding pipeline is heated with safe voltage, and the discharge port is equipped with self-heating and anti-drip function, which can effectively prevent the pollution of the road surface in the construction process and prevent the condensation and blockage of the discharge gun sealant.
  7. Vehicle-type design has high mobility and flexibility to adapt to efficient and fast construction environment and other remote operations.


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