YJ-GYGF500T Crack Sealing Machine

YJ-GYGF500T Crack Sealing Machine:With a stable operation, the crack filling and sealing equipment is used for filling and sealing cracks in pavement, thus preventing surface water from penetrating the asphalt, and accelerating crack expansion.




YJ-GYGF500T Crack Sealing Machine

Parameters of Crack Sealing Equipment GYGF500T:

Generator Set 18kw
Air Compressor 0.6m3/min
Combustor 1.0×105kcal/h
Mixing Motor 0.75kw
Motor of Discharge Pump 1.5kw
Volume of Heating Chamber 500 liters
Length of Flexible Pipe of Spray Gun 6m
Volume of Heat Conduction Oil 200 liters
  • Before Filling and Sealing
  • After Filling and Sealing


  • The gravity center of chassis is relatively low for higher driving safety.
  • The chassis is suitable for tractors with different traction heights. A height adjustable device is equipped for freely adjusting the height.


  • This equipment uses a fully automatic control combustor with an excellent safety, stable operation, high heating efficiency and low environmental pollution.
  • With a light weight, flexible and easy operation, an electrically heated flexible pipe is used as a discharge tube to effectively prevent blockages.
  • With an energy saving, low noise performance and long service life, the air compressor equipped is an integrated sweeping, cleaning and heating system.
  • The material tank is heated indirectly by the heat conduction oil with a uniform temperature, thus avoiding burning the material or aging it.



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