13M³ Fiber Micro surfacing Slurry Paver HGY5312TFCS6

the micro surfacing paver HGY5311TFCSF is different from others as fiber can be added in the slurry. This micro surfacing paver is widely used with construction material technologies like common slurry seal, modified slurry seal, micro surfacing, fiber reinforced slurry seal and fiber micro surfacing. The micro surfacing paver adopts 13m³ feed bin and with maximum mixing capacity of 3.5 t/min, the paver meets the requirements regarding different road width, pavement thickness and paving technologies.



13M³ Fiber Micro surfacing Slurry Paver HGY5312TFCS6


Parameter Standard Details
Product Fiber Slurry Seal Equipment
Product Model HGY5312TFCS6
Chassis Series Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile M3000
Chassis Model SX1319MC6
Total Weight (t) 31
Chassis Engine Power (KW)( PS) 276(375)
Emission Standard National Standard Ⅵ (Standard Ⅲ, Ⅳ, V available)
Cab New M3000
Max. driving speed (km/h) 80
Min. driving speed (km/h) ≤1
Auxiliary Engine Power (KW)( PS) 119(160)
Aggregate Bin Volume (m³) 13
Emulsion Tank Volume (m³) 4
Water Tank Volume (m³) 4
Addition Agent Tank Volume (L) 400
Stuffing Box Volume (m³) 2×0.5 (2 feed bins)
Fiber Box Volume (m³) 0.2
Fiber Feed Speed (kg/min) ≤3.5
Output of Mixer (t/min) ≤3.5
Paving Width (m) 2.5~4.3
Paving Thickness (mm) 3~15
Dimension (mm)(L×W×H) 11820×2500×3360


  • The micro surfacing paver HGY5254TFC adopts the engine from DCEC brand as the auxiliary engine. With strong power, this auxiliary engine is perfectly suitable for paving the modified asphalt in a quasi-demulsified state.
  • The whole work system adopts 6 sets of independent hydraulic power systems to provide stable and independent power. As a result, it is convenient and timely for troubleshooting and repair.
  • Based on the aggregate and travelling speed, the control system adopts industrial controller to directly drive the hydraulic proportional valves, and thus the consistency of the ratio of slurry mixtures and uniform spraying can be guaranteed, resulting in reliable and stable operation.
  • The auxiliary engine and multiple set of independent hydraulic power systems can provide strong, continuous and stable power the equipment as a whole.
  • The mixing device adopts high strength, wear resistant blades for strong power and desired mixing effect.
  • The paving system adopts twin screw propeller for paving and secondary mixing. As a result, the segregation of slurry can be prevented effectively. And the paving system adopts automatic telescopic spreader box to meet requirements about pavement construction. Besides, the camber angle can be adjusted depending on the construction requirements.





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