HGY5255TFCZT Chip Asphalt Spreading Sealing Truck

HGY5255TFCZT Chip Asphalt Spreading Sealing Truck is designed for spreading chips and spraying asphalt on top of existing pavement simultaneously, it is suitable for spreading aggregates with maximum 30mm diameter, and distributing asphalt with width of 4200mm. The aggregate hopper is equipped with a lifting device for improving the stability and loading capability, and it makes road construction for culverts and bridges much easier. A special purpose aggregate sorting device is installed to ensure the uniformity of the chip seal pavement.



HGY5255TFCZT Chip Asphalt Spreading Sealing Truck

Parameters of Chip Seal Distributor HGY5255TFCZT:

No Parameter Unit Standard Details
1 Asphalt Tank Volume (L) L 8500
2 Feed Bin Volume (m3) m3 10
3 Synchronous Spray Width (mm) mm 4200
4 Asphalt Spray Volume (kg/m2) kg/m2 0.2-3
5 Aggregate Spray Volume (L/m2) L/m2 2-22
6 Asphalt Spray Precision 1.5%
7 Particle Size of Spraying Aggregate (mm) mm 3-30
8 Spray Medium Modified asphalt, Hot Asphalt, Emulsified asphalt
9 Heating Method Automatic temperature control of conduction oil heating
10 Heating Rate of Asphalt (℃/h) ℃/h 20
11 Optimum Construction Speed (km/h) km/h 3-6
12 Chassis Engine Emission National V
13 Chassis Engine Power (kw/hp) kw 249
14 Maximum Total Weight (kg) kg 25000
15 Dimension (mm) mm 10535×2500×3830 (L×W×H)
16 Please note: Semi-trailer and loader can be customized according to clients’ needs.

Chassis (China HOWO Dump Truck Chassis)

  • High load
  • Optional high standard operator cab for more comfortable driving
  • The gear can be switched between high speed and low speed to achieve high speed travelling and low speed operation, resulting in higher work efficiency.

Work System:

  • The asphalt tank is equipped with 2 diesel burners to achieve high combustion efficiency, high heat rate, as well as safe and stable operation when heating.
  • Large capacity feed bin can increase the work efficiency of single construction.
  • The power of hydraulic system is totally provided by the main vehicle.
  • The asphalt pump has many advantages, such as good performance of self-priming, wide range of speed, good sealing performance and stable flow rate. As a result, the asphalt spraying quality can be guaranteed.
  • The above of the spray nozzles is equipped with spray bar which can avoid collision in operation. By this means, the spray bar can be prevented from damage.
  • The feed bin is equipped with HD camera for the operator to observe the quantity of the aggregate at any time in the operator cab.
  • With easy operation, the whole operation can be completed by only one operator in the operator cab.



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