LMT5312TFCP Synchronous Chip Sealer



Product Name: Synchronous Chip Sealer

LMT5312TFCP Synchronous Chip Sealer

which is a type of special-purpose machinery jointly developed and manufactured for construction of bitumen pavement by METONG, USA Phoenix, and Chang An University, is widely applicable to new highway construction and old road maintenance, and it can spray/distribute bitumen and spread aggregates synchronous or separately. It is provided with the advantages of costing saving, surface wear resistance, slip resistance, water resistance, and quick traffic recovery when construction is completed. It is applicable to the construction of highways and urban of different grades.


Synchronous Chip Sealer Advantages: 
1. Synchronous Chip Sealer can spray Bitumen and Aggregates simultaneously and as well spray separately. With Siemens control system at drive cab.
2. Synchronous Chip Sealer Asphalt tank adopts the heat preservation material of silicon acid aluminum with good performance of heat preservation.
3. Synchronous Chip Sealer Asphalt tank can spray with certain quantity by fixed spray pipe or spray by hand spray gun. Bitumen pump is installed outside for convenience or for operations.
4. Synchronous Chip Sealer Pipeline cleaning adopts heat conducting oil and can be cleaned with high pressure air. The nozzles are not easily jammed.
5. Synchronous Chip Sealer Heating system inside the tank, Bitumen Pump, Spray Pipe and Nozzles.
6. Synchronous Chip Sealer could control the width by open and close the nozzles one by one on the cabin or the back cabin.
7. Synchronous Chip Sealer all operation could completely control from inside the drive cabin, the driver could watch all work and notice any change on the touch screen with the computerized Siemens system.


Model LMT5312TFCP
Overall Dimension (L*W*H mm) 12000*2490*3630
Bitumen Tank Capacity(L) 8000
Aggregate Hopper Capacity(m³) 12-15
Max. Spraying Width(m) 4
Max. Spraying volume(Lm²) 0.3-3.0




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