HGY5319TFCS6 Chip Asphalt Spreading Sealing Truck

Features :

HGY5319TFCS6 Chip Asphalt Spreading Sealing Truck,The chassis is manufactured by Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile, offering high loading capacity, low oil consumption and stable operation. The chip spreader truck is powered by the 276KW (375HP) engine.



HGY5319TFCS6 Chip Asphalt Spreading Sealing Truck

Parameter Standard Details
Product Chip Spreader Truck Asphalt Distributor
Product Model HGY5319TFCS6
Chassis Model SX1319MC6Z1
Chassis Manufacturer Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile
Chassis Series New M3000
Chassis Engine Model WP10H375E62
Chassis Engine Power (KW/PS) 276/375
Emission Standard National Standard Ⅵ (Standard Ⅲ, Ⅳ, V available)
Wheel Base (mm) 1800+3975+1400
Total Weight (kg) 31000
Auxiliary Engine Power (KW) 73.5
Asphalt Tank Volume (L) 8500
Feed Bin Volume (m3) 15
Spray Width (mm) 4200
Asphalt Spray Volume (kg/m2) 0.2-3
Aggregate Spray Volume (L/㎡) 2-22
Asphalt Spray Precision 1%
Particle Size of Spraying Aggregate (mm) 3-25
Spray Medium Rubber asphalt, modified asphalt, hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt
Heating Method Automatic temperature control of conduction oil heating
Heating Rate of Asphalt (℃/h) 20
Optimum Construction Speed (km/h) 3-6
Dimension (mm)(L×W×H) 11790×2550×3800
  • The large-power auxiliary engine with hydraulic load-sensitive system provides continuous, stable and sufficient power for the chip sealer.
  • The asphalt tank has an ultra-large volume of 8500L. It is equipped with 2 diesel burners and an automatic temperature control system and adopts a combined heating method of 2 U-type heating tubes and heat conduction oil cyclic heating to achieve high combustion efficiency and high heat rate (≥20℃/h).
  • A strong spiral mixer is equipped inside the asphalt tank to improve the asphalt fluidity, heating uniformity and heating efficiency and prevent rubber asphalt separation and emulsion asphalt demulsification.
  • The ultrasonic aggregate level monitoring system and auto aggregate feed system can perform auto feeding and spraying of aggregate chip. The chip spreader truck can spray about 6m³ aggregate without lifting the hopper, able to work in height-limited environments like culvert and bridge.
  • The operation system is integrally set inside the operator cab and all operations can be executed by one operator sitting inside the cab.
  • The heat conduction oil pump and asphalt pump adopt JOHNSON brand for satisfying spraying requirements of different kinds of asphalts.




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