Emulsion Asphalt Plant Mixing Cold Regeneration Technology


                               Emulsion Asphalt Plant Mixing Cold Regeneration Technology

Emulsion Asphalt Plant

1.Process overview:

Plant mix cold regeneration is the use of special milling equipment milling the original asphalt pavement, milling material transported to the mixing station after crushing and screening (if necessary), and mixed with the appropriate proportion of new aggregate, recycled binder, recycled agent, active packing (cement, lime, etc.) and water and other materials after room temperature mixing, spreading, rolling and other processes, to realize the reuse of old asphalt pavement technology.

This technology is applicable to the bottom layer, base layer and bottom layer of asphalt pavement of expressway and first and second grade highway, and the top layer of asphalt pavement of third and fourth grade highway. When it is used for the surface layer of the third and fourth grade highway, the slurry sealing layer, gravel sealing layer and micro surface should be used as the surface wear layer.

Technical Characteristics:

1, milling of the old asphalt mixture (milling together with the base, including the base material) can be all recycled, reducing the cost of raw materials, reduce environmental pollution.

2.Emulsified asphalt is used as an organic regenerative binder and cement or lime as an inorganic regenerative binder to form a composite organic hydraulic material to provide sufficient bearing capacity.

3, due to the use of emulsified asphalt to improve the construction conditions, extend the construction season.

4.Compared with local cold regeneration, it can control the mixture ratio more accurately, improve the smoothness of the road surface and ensure the road performance.