Rubber Asphalt Synchronous Macadam Sealing Technology


Rubber Asphalt Synchronous Macadam Sealing Technology

Rubber Asphalt Synchronous Macadam Sealing Technology

一,Process overview:

Rubber asphalt synchronous gravel seal is the use of rubber asphalt as a binder, spraying rubber asphalt and spread gravel on the road or bridge surface, and then rolled by the tire roller, so that there is the most full adhesion between the binder and aggregate, the formation of the protection of the original road or bridge surface waterproof wear layer, waterproof layer or stress absorption layer.

The rubber asphalt synchronous macadam seal is based on the traditional synchronous macadam seal using rubber asphalt as cementing material. The addition of rubber powder can obviously increase the viscosity of asphalt, so as to improve the resistance of asphalt to high temperature deformation. In addition, rubber contains a lot of antioxidants, heat stabilizer, etc., the rubber asphalt formed after adding rubber powder has strong anti-aging property, which can significantly improve the anti-aging ability of pavement, and rubber asphalt has excellent low-temperature crack resistance.

This technology is suitable for the middle layer of stress absorption of highway, first grade highway, old cement pavement reconstruction, asphalt surface layer of newly built low grade highway and rural road, cement concrete bridge deck waterproof layer.

二,Technical Characteristics:

In addition to many characteristics of traditional synchronous gravel seal, rubber asphalt synchronous gravel seal also has the following characteristics:

1, with strong resistance to reflection cracks performance, as a stress absorption layer can effectively delay the appearance of reflection cracks.

2, with better water sealing performance, prevent surface water penetration into the pavement structure.

3.The use of rubber powder is more environmentally friendly and the recycling of resources is realized.