The Application of Mobile Lighting Vehicles in Railway Lighting


The Application of Mobile Lighting Vehicles in Railway Lighting

The main task of the mobile lighting vehicle required by the railway is to ensure a good visibility of the working environment, ensure the safety of driving and pedestrians, reduce the incidence of night accidents, and meet the lighting of the vehicle carriage for the maintenance of the vehicle carriage. The waiting room of the station, high bridge, and outlet passage channel lighting requirements. The mobile lighting vehicles required by modern railways must not only meet the above requirements, but also require bright, diverse, lasting and professional lighting solutions, while reducing system purchase and maintenance costs. Shandong Sitok has always strictly required himself to continuously innovate and improve the performance of mobile lighting vehicles.

Maintenance warehouse lighting

The mobile lighting vehicle of the maintenance warehouse of the railway requires good shock resistance, high light brightness, and long light source; the light combination can provide safe and comfortable mobile lighting vehicles for different staff members in the warehouse area.

Lantern bridge, lighthouse lighting

The lighting requirements for mobile lighting cars in railway marshals and cargo farms are that the lamps are good waterproof, the lights are high, and the light source is long; the light combination provides safe and reliable lighting for the station yard.

Work car lighting

Railway rail vehicles, residue vehicles, road maintenance machines and other operating vehicles are used by mobile lighting vehicles for lamps. Lighting is high to have high mobility, good light resistance resistance, high light brightness, long light source life; light combination can be operations for operations The construction operation of the car provides comfortable and reliable lighting.

The current situation of the domestic railway system

  1. The light of the car body workshop is dim, affecting the operation, especially the quality and efficiency of the work at night and at night.
  2. Lighting equipment for large -scale repair warehouses cannot meet the working environmental needs in accordance with the standards;
  3. The waiting room, insufficient emergency lighting of high -bridge, and outlets, and insufficient lighting caused by power outages caused by emergencies;
  4. Lack of large -scale mobile lighting equipment, railway maintenance and maintenance tools;
  5. The existing mobile signal indicator is short working time.